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SOS Brigade

We're world teddy bear war veterans and a group that helps protect the innocent..sometimes :3c We also do parties and social gatherings. Some fry days we have a contest. Rules: Can't cheat.(7:30pm-11pm) The losers that sleep first lose. Dukey (eats dust) is the all time first loser for this. Must suck my shnapples cause I am the ultimate winner for staying up, and cause I ship benny x sunohara to the max. Also clorox x moa is a thing but the women here are some of the most sensitive, caring, and totally not scary women ever. Also dukey get your goddamn fegget looking whore self off my deek tbh :D Grandma porn will be provided if mentioned. Don't worry if you're into the kinkier stuff like cake fart we can still talk just don't expect the porn to be posted here sonic fast just because you're into it. You think you have rights here? TF who told you that lie lel ~kin the god